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Search results: items open in a new tab, or display search results on their own page

As a hub visitor, I would like to have the search results either open the items in a new tab or display search results on their own page, so that I can easily return to my search results after I've opened one item. 

Today, when performing a search, I get a list of results in a lightbox popup that appears over top of the page I was on. Clicking on one result will bring me to that asset, but the Back button will not take me back to the search results page… it takes me to the previous page I was on when I performed the search. So, if that wasn’t the asset I wanted, or I want to look at others, I have to run the search again. A couple possible solutions: if the search results could be displayed on their own page (vs. the popup), the Back button would work after opening an asset, or perhaps all the items in the search results could open in a new tab/window (_blank) rather than over top of the search results, which would allow me to return to the tab with the results easily. Maybe there are other options too?

  • Colleen Raymond
  • Mar 7 2019
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