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A full-featured Image Manager

How about the same full screen interface and tools we have for Flipbooks but for images?  The current popup Image Manager is fine for quick uploads but beyond a certain quantity it becomes difficult to manage, with the word search as the only way to locate anything.  I'm finding a need for:

--A way to organize the image content.  Either through folders, or tags, or some other way to group photos and quickly filter the list via dropdowns.
--An option to toggle to larger thumbnails in the list.
--An option to show more images per screen.
--Perhaps this all could be accomplished through an optional "Advanced View" that goes to a full screen with more features, or a separate full-screen interface such as we have for the Flipbook Management area, accessible from the account header tab the way we access the Flipbook area.

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  • Feb 6 2019
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    Jason Oakley commented
    08 Feb 16:31

    Hello! We love this idea and are currently in the design process of updating our image manager. Thank you for your suggestion.