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Ability to gate Marketing Streams

While it's great to be able to gate premium content individually, sometimes we'll have a collection of content that we'll want to gate so we can offer an experience to our readers rather than just a singular asset.

Here are two examples:

1) Event content - Rather than gate each individual speaker's presentation from your annual conference, it would be great to create a stream of all of our speaker presentations and slide decks and make the content accessible to a visitor after they fill out a single form. It's tiresome to have them fill out multiple forms for each individual video and it actually presents a barrier to further consumption. If we could gate Marketing Streams, we could send visitors to an on-demand stream and after filling out the form, they could binge on all content in that stream.

2) Premium content - A marketing stream could definitely be used as premium content if we had the option to gate it. Think of an ebook broken up into different chapters with each tile as a chapter. Or a crash course style webinar broken up into different lessons? There are so many possibilities for experiential content if we could gate a stream and make the stream the content experience. 

  • Christine Otsuka
  • Jan 10 2019
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