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Organize tags via drop down menu with multiple selection option

With so many tags to choose from, I obviously don't have them memorized - it would be SO beneficial to change the current setup from an open box where I have to remember and type in every applicable tag, to a drop down menu where I can select multiple applicable ones. This would also make for less duplicates with mis-spelling or abbreviations, plus cleaner reporting if tags were available, but that's another topic...

  • kelly farrell
  • Dec 5 2018
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  • Admin
    Jason Oakley commented
    December 21, 2018 18:45

    Hi Kelly, 

    This makes a lot of sense. Would be great to allow users to select from a list of tags rather than using recall. 

  • kelly farrell commented
    December 21, 2018 19:01

    Would make life SO much easier - thanks Jason.